The project featured in the AHRC ‘Pandemic and Beyond’ network documentary series

pandemic and beyond film screenshot
A screenshot of one of the 'Pandemic and Beyond' films

Our Covid Comics project was featured as part of a series of documentaries created by Benedict Morrison for the AHRC Pandemic and Beyond network. The video below is an excerpt of one of the films in which Prof. Anna Feigenbaum talks about the project. 

The documentary series are three films in total and feature different projects and themes. The three films are:

Getting the Message Across 


Communicating the Pandemic 

Stephen Coleman 


Cultural Translation and the Interpretation of Covid-19 Risks among Migrant Communities 

Nana Sato-Rossberg 


Scenes of Shame and Stigma in COVID-19 

Luna Dolezal 



Peter Knight 


Comics in the time of COVID-19 

Anna Feigenbaum 

Coming Together 


Outside the Box 

Evelyn O’Malley 


Poetry and Covid 

Anthony Caleshu 


Collaborative Solutions for the Performing Arts: A Telepresence Stage 

Paul Sermon 


The application of motion-capture technology in telematic dance performance 

Daniel Strutt 

Coping Creatively 


Creative Doodle Book 

Matthew Reason 


Far Apart UK 

Paul Heritage 


Distanced Arts (Entelechy Arts’ Staying Connected Programme) 

Janelle Jones 

Maddy Mills 

Claire Howlin 

Christine Lee 


Culture Boxes 

Victoria Tischler 


Walking Publics/Walking Arts 

Deirdre Heddon 

Clare Qualman 

To watch all three films part of the series, visit the AHRC Pandemic and Beyond network website.

About 'The Pandemic and Beyond'

'The Pandemic and Beyond brings together over 70 research projects in the Arts and Humanities that have examined the Covid-19 pandemic and are suggesting solutions to the urgent problems that have been created or exacerbated by the pandemic. [...] It is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, with additional funding by Policy@Exeter (Open Innovation Platform and Policy Support Fund)'.
(Source: The Pandemic and Beyond).

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